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17 years old female boxer Orla Deacon started doing martial arts at the age of 4 years old, inspired and encouraged by her dad training karate, kickboxing and taekwondo to finally find her place in boxing to be turning professional this year in her 18th birthday.

Early on in her life she realized on her ability to perform better than the average due to her physicallity as she was always faster, stronger ,more self confident, respectful and self disciplined than her peers, all of this paying off later as she grew up.

She grew up being a role model for other kids and parents, who by seeing the laser focus of Orla encouraged other kids to be more active and self disciplined. With all of this self-confidence that martial arts gave to Orla on her early years she was active against bullying in school and play a great part in influencing others on a positive way.

Now at the edge of turning professional she trains women from any age, it's never late to start boxing she says. She's an advocate for womens combat style and by actively promoting combat style of training for females she's wants to make sure there's no doubt this predominantely male dominated sport in the past has a great room for females.

By doing combat sports she feels energized, physically like a machine and a fantastically looking boss, she can't compare it with anything else!!

Boxing has taught her that nothing is impossible for a female in such a heavily male dominated sport in the past, she knows that she now can achieve anything that she wants in any other areas in life.

The actual fighter is only 5% of the end results, the remaining 95% is every other piece involved in doing combat sports, onlye 5% of us get actually hit, so why not benefit of the other 95% by doing combat style sports/classes!

Orla has different goals while training, while it could be a multi-weight professional champion female boxer she also keeps in mind a profession outside of boxing, she's passionate about coffee and is working towards becoming the best professional barista in the world!

Check out her latest training video in our gear, looking forward for great future achievements on and off the ring! @teamorladeacon




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